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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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still a long way to go for some areas. air 7 flew over henderson county and many of the secondary roads in these areas in particular continue to be problems, meaning anyone without 4-wheel drive is pretty much stranded. jason the thing we're worried about for people wanting to go back to school tomorrow things going to refreeze. >> yes, and safety first. that's the main concern, that is why a couple of the counties closed their schools. so henderson, i believe, and delays elsewhere and that will continue to be a problem tonight. looking at temperatures dropping below freezing. now doppler is clear. it's going to stay that way, but we will see temperatures drop from right now in the 50s where melting is going on down into the 30s and even a couple of 20s.
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spartanburg zone planner for right now 52, sunny it is melting the snow and ice. by 9 it will be 41, about 7:30, 737%. and by 4:0053 with clouds increasing and i'm tracking the next storm coming our way and let you know about the wintry weather threat in the mountains. now, many school districts closed again today because of the snow and icy conditions that remain in some areas, but parents in places where things already back to normal expressing a from us operations tonight. greenville counties have areas that are still iced over. now, some parents asked even know greenville county is one district cannot not close just though affected schools.
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and the answer is no, that's the short answer. so it's a legislative reason. if you're in one district the district has to act as a whole. one of the reasons is because a lot of kids take advantage of school choice. and then the district operates on a single calendar too. so if you start changing the scheduled at individual schools it gets complicated and expensive to keep up with who's making up what days when. >> we've been talking with parents. and we'll have much more on this story tonight at 6. some people refuse to let mother nature letting them get to work. >> this is her truck snowed him so she saddled you up her horse and rode it 7 miles into work that way. >> what better way to go to work than ride my horse.
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home and get a little bit of exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the w. you can't predict the weather so you might as well just go with it. >> do you think your office as a hitching post. >> she said it was a little dark but she did have more than enough horsepower, one, to get to the office on time. >> and while the carolinas got several inches of snow that is nothing compared to what washington, d.c. saw. check out this video. it provides a time lapse scene here. he put his phone in his living room window friday afternoon, you can see how fast the snow piled up in just a day and a half. the blizzard is being blamed for at least 36 people's deaths across the northeast. a lot of them died shovelling the mountains of snow. several streets still have not been plowed and drivers have to get out and walk.
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told people to be prepared to leave your car parked all week. meanwhile airports finally start to go ramp up. there are still limited services in new york, baltimore and philadelphia. >> the losses for businesses put the price tag at $850 million, restaurants theater and the other venues took the biggest hit but some analyst say people shifted their spending stocking up on food, shopping online and representing movies. car wash businesses expected to see a boost in the next few days. auto body experts say salt increases corrosion by 900 percent so watching your car is important. and the weather can also really wreck our roads which is unfortunately they're alread in bad shape and that iss a topic that the senate is expected to take up this week.
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will start discussing how to find additional money to fix the state's road tomorrow and already talk of raising the gas tax. well, we know the name of a seneca man who died in an oconee county crash. it happened last night. the coroner says the 56-year old was on a motorcycle when he hit an suv as it was turning. we're told he was not wearing a helmet. the coroner has ruled the death an accident. an asheville call center is going to close this july. that means 250 people will lose their jobs. it's because of the changing business needs of their clients. the employees do get the option to transfer to another location. tonight a warning about a new scam that preys on people it's possible victims could be charged with a crime. what do
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>> reporter: well, the sheriff tells me that these people thought that they were working for a great work from home program but it was a scam where they were part of a crime and never got paid. the way it works is that these companies actually find people who have submitted resumes online and contacted by the companies saying they want to hire them. they have boxes shipped to these employee's homes they're told to switch the shipping labels out to ones that are sent to they will and then send the package to the next place. well the goods were bought with stolen credit cards. this happened happened to the union county sheriff. he wants people to really pay attention to this. >> look at their employment applications, there will be some misspelling, some mispronunciation, broken sentences, things like that that should give you a hint.
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to a victim of this crime. you're going to hear from r tonight at 10 and 11, but the sheriff says it's so complex and so many different states involved in it that they've turned it over to the secret service to investigate. they're hoping to get more information and the company -- the people behind these companies arrested. >> this is sort of a new twist on an old scam. i wonder how many people have been victimized in the upstate soso far? >> right we know two people who have been victimized by this so lancaster. so this isn't just in our area. it's already spread out to other areas and year now. tonight we have new details on the cadets who were featured in this photo. she dressed up
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an oncampus event. well many took offense. now, we've learned the 14 have been punished. the pelts range from dismissal to on campus punishment. >> what disaoints me when several people both younger are people realize the way it might be perceived and nobody took any action. the second they thought it was going to be offensive or could be misconstrued they should have stopped and that was the leadership failure. >> they're also setting up up a task force to figure out how to promote greater understanding of minorities on campus. the education oversite committee says it needs to focus more on quality teaching and expand access so more students can benefit. right now students
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lower than students going into private schools. we're weeks away from voting in the primaries. iowa's caucuses just a week from tonight. and north carolina's vovoer id law is is on trial. it was supposed to take effect with the march primary but the justice department saw the law is illegal and makes it harder for minority to say vote. big endorsements announced today in campaign 2016 former candidate rick perry says he supports ted cruz for president. he says he's by far the most consistent. justin vanberg throwing his support behind bernie sanders.
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what secretary clinton did to lose my endorsement it's what senator sanders and to gain it. he talked about his strong support for pre college education. sanders also getting his own ice cream. ben of ben and jerry's has a unveiled bernie's yearing flavor. the company isn't associated with the new flavor. the thin slice of chocolate is to represent the one percent that he says gets more wealth while the mint ice cream is everybody else. not every is a fan of a proposal and it may surprise you who is against the idea. and caught on camera, a burglar is breaking into
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live at 5 is back k ith a burglar ..caught on camera. he was seen rummaging through one upstate family's home while they were away. and a burglar caught on camera. he was seen in one upstate family's home. the sheriffs office says it's not the only house that's been hit. we show you the video of a famii that's hoping will catch a thief. >> it's scary that somebody can come into your home and take whatever they want and get by with it. >> on at least four cameras this man was captured breaking through the back door of this home before carrying out boxes of belongs. >> my husband is made and very angry, so hopefully we don't see him out here walking. >> and they don't believe this is the first time he's targeted their home. just two weeks ago they reported another break in.
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busting through the same door the same way >> it's crazy that somebody life. >> they say the first time he shined a light through the window and the second time he knocked on the front door to they walked away with jewelry, a gun and make up box. at all value. >> mad, upset because the jewelry can't be replaced. >> they shared this video on facebook in hopes someone can help deputies identified the man responsible and get their stuff back. they hope he's target before he can target another family's home. . >> the anderson county s office says there have been at least 85 burglaries reported there this year. >> have you ever been a victim like that? >> i have not unfortunately. >> somebody stole the iphone out
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thing in the world but i used to day dream by catching the guy. right. if you think you know the man in the video you can help this family out by calling office. dr. clark was appointed the first female paster this weekend. shootings like this one have led the president and other lawmakers to push for tighter gun control laws and that's sending gun sales through the roof. a record 50,000 south carolinians either tried to buy guns or carry concealed weapons last month making it the busiest month ever for the palmetto state. a bill making its way through could make it easier for owners to carry their weapons across state lines. it will
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weapons into georgia and vice versa. it's to help people who live in cities along state lines but law enforcement not onboard. >> it's not a matter ofeing anti-gun we want to make sure that you're carrying that gun and at least efficient with it. >> now, south carolina requires training before you can carry a weapon. in georgia that is not the case. so far we don't know when the state committee will hold a hearing on that bill. mental health officials is expected to get millions of dollars in federal grant money. fema will approve by five million dollars by early march to hire counselors to start support groups. and it will pass out materials that explain where help is available after a disaster. take a look at this: here's a weather satelliie im showing that big blizzard that hit the northeast over the weekend.
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moonlighting the clouds from above so you can kind of see it and lit from below the little clusters of city lights. i mean, this thing covered up half the east are earn sea board. >> it was phasing of many little storms that came together to make one and 30 inches at jfk which is right there in new york city. so we fortunately did not get 30 inches of snow. >> but you know it's interesting because the effects still lasting. we found out that spartanburg school district 5 just announced a two hour delay. >> yeah, still a major winter storm for us here and we will have delays in the morning time. black ice a big threat. right now downtown greenville seeing a great sun set as the clouds passing through but what the sun did today is it melted some of the snow and ice.
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cause some problems tomorrow morning with black ice. so increasing clouds tonight. rain returns in the upstate for tomorrow with a wintry mix in the mountains through wednesday. and then a warmer weekend. next weekend getting ready to see temperatures, well i wouldn't say skyrocket but certainly get well above average higher than they have been. your 5 zone forecast for tomorrow 50s and 60s for the upstate, 50s for the mountains with rain in the mountains first. we'll see lows around the freezing mark which will cause problems especially foothills and mountains we will get below freezing into the day. temperatures for now still holding onto the 50s in the upstate, 40s for the mountains and still melting going on at will for the beginning part of tonight. we will see plenty of melting. 24/7 live doppler is clear. it will stay clear, just those high and thin clouds. high pressure pushing off to the east around that we're seeing a
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nice and mild with a wawam front well to our north and then that front well off to our west. we'll event make its way here and bring us this, rainfall for tomorrow afternoon of the we'll see showers come in from the west and shower activity starting to see some snow break out along the tennessee line in the overnight hours and some rain passing through with a little bit of freezing rain and snow popping up in the mountains into wednesday morning as cold air funnels in and we'll see clouds in the upstate and showers. then by 6:00 p.m. wednesday we'll see the sky clear and a nice sun set. as far as precipitation amounts from this storm coming very light, less than a quarter of an inch upstate, and four for the mountains about the same. your 5 zone forecast is showing 50s and 60s for tomorrow. lows get down to 30. so we'll be around that freezing lines, and that's
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closed because of the black ice and busses cannot drive on that. 49 wednesday as well for thursday. that rain gets in here. and then we'll see 50s and 60s around for the weekend really really nice for drying out. a wintry mix if the mountains and then we'll see the 60s by saturday and sunday. >> thank you. well, cornered by the cold weather two suspects who could not last the freezing temperatures, that story is next. the panthers have a mess on their hands and one local dry cleaner couldn't be happier. and let's take a look at the closing numbers from wall street, oh, more red arrows.
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right the winter weather made it easy for police to catch the bad police to it easy fo
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bad guys make it a little bit easier. here's the winter weather making easier for two to go to jail. two men hiding from the police caught in the cold. they called 911. >> i never seen two people more happier to go to jail because they knew they were going to dry and warm. >> both were treated at the hospital and turned over to authority and the they have in fact been arrested. >> and warmed up. >> and they'll probably be taken care of nice and warm. minnesota police busted a distracted driver this week. it wasn't his cell phone that had him swerving around on the road. >> they spotted him trying to balance a tablet on the steering wheel to find out he was trying to read a november very well. officers tweeted out shortly after arrive alive don't november very well and drive. the could you be down to super bowl l is on. davis will
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director coming up next to give us the details. then later starting a family isn't always an easy feat. here how one group is helping make adoption easier for couples who can't conceive on their own.
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how about t oc: go panthers it's 5-29 .. and panthers fans couldn't be let's go panthers. >> lots of excitement there. panthers fans couldn't be more thrilled now that their deal is on its way to super bowl l. >> so the panthers will play the
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